A Visit From Santa

The Christmas Countdown!

The countdown has already ended!


What you can expect:

  • In Person meeting to discuss details of your event
  • Santa-Matt arrives, no later than, 30 minutes before event
  • Santa-Matt is always in character around children
    • If you need to discuss something, let’s talk away from the kids
  • Santa-Matt is a non-smoker, doesn’t drink and is drug free


  • A 15 Minute Break is required for any event lasting more than 1 hour
  • The suit is hot. A cool-down break may be needed, depending on the climate of your event space
  • If a break is required, Santa will explain that he needs to check in with Mrs Claus, or with the Elves.

Gifts under the Tree

Santa Matt is available for the delivery of Presents to private residence or at events, such as office parties.

  • You supply gifts that are wrapped, and properly tagged.
  • Gifts can be placed Under the Tree, or personally handed out.
  • Should be small enough to fit inside Santa’s Toysack.
    • Less of a chance of the item being dropped, or broken, if it can be secured.
  • Please make gifts “Santa Appropriate”
    • No adult novelties
    • The gifts are up to you, but it’s my opinion that Santa Gifts should be simple. Not X-Boxes or high end electronics.

Christmas Eve

  • Yes, I am available for gift delivery for Christmas Eve.
  • Great way to share the magic of Christmas with a visit from Santa.
  • Interaction with your kids is completely optional.
    • Allow them to watch Santa from the hallway.
    • Have Santa discover them watching
    • Santa can sit and read a story before sending them off to sleep.
  • This visit should be short, as Santa has a lot of presents to deliver
  • Only one or two bookings can be made for this night, so book early!