Magic Reindeer (Song)

MP3 Download Magic Reindeer – by Jethal Silverwing Sung to “Chandelier” by Sia Naughty girls don’t get dolls And Naughty boys, they don’t bounce balls Sliding Down, Coming round Seeing you when you’re asleep When you’re awake, when you dream Making a list and checking it all Good, bad, good, bad, good-bad Check Good, bad, […]

Santa Sings!

That’s right! Santa loves the classics and even some of the newer Christmas songs. I’ve uploaded some of my favorites, and will record more as time allows. You know, those lazy elves will look for any opportunity to slack off, so I can’t take an eye off them for very long! Enjoy!

Smokey Point Distributing

I couldn’t be happier! I kept my Santa Identity a secret from my wife, for the last month without her being the wiser, showed up at her office Christmas Party in the new suit.. and she loved it. This was not an official gig for me, as I showed up as Liz’s guest, and no […]

Seattle Specialty Insurance

Had a great time at the offices of Seattle Specialty Insurance Services, of Everett WA. Office party, passing around candy canes, and participating in the annual Ornament Exchange.